Bissell 2252 Review

The Bissell 2252 CleanView Swivel is an upright vacuum cleaner for pets. It’s positioned right above the entry-level Bissell PowerForce Helix, offering more useful features including longer range, a wide assortment of attachments, and a slightly more powerful suction motor, but is below the pricier, more powerful BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo.

Unlike most midrange vacs, the CleanView Swivel boasts a high-capacity dustbin with five height adjustment levels on its floorhead, but it doesn’t have a brushroll off switch. Keep in mind, this vacuum cleaner comes in multiple variants. Each with different design features, like swivel steering, different attachments, and an automatic power cord retraction system, but all these differences aren’t going to affect debris pickup performance significantly.

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The Bissell 2252 CleanView Swivel vacuum looks like the company’s other midrange models and measures 14 x 13 x 44.5 and weighs 12.5 pounds, which isn’t too heavy for an upright vacuum cleaner. The main unit features are 3X brush roll action, edge-to-edge cleaning, a multi-cyclonic suction system, a Pet Turbo Eraser tool, a crevice tool, and swivel steering for convenient maneuverability.

The vacuum is made from plastic, and so are other parts including the hose and two wheels, which makes it feel a little flimsy. The turbo brush and dirt compartment feel a little sturdy, but that doesn’t mean they will not crack if dropped. To use the vacuum, there are lots of pieces to assemble, you need to attach the handle to the body with two screws. That being the case, everything else clips into place easily.

The only downside with the design is that the brushroll doesn’t stop spinning when the vacuum is on, so, if you want to use it in the upright position and the head isn’t high enough, it may damage your floor. Luckily, it gets a head adjustment dial on the vacuum head to adjust the height conveniently.

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The vacuum has a good-sized ort compartment. It’s a clear plastic cylinder and it has a line to indicate when it’s full, something you never find on budget vacuum cleaners. Its power cord offers a decent range (26.90 ft / 8.2 m) which allows you to clean pretty large rooms without having to swap outlets, but its hose is quite short even when stretched out, which makes it difficult to clean hard-to-reach spots like shelves or tops of wardrobes.

Storage and maintenance is easy. Even with a fairly wide footprint, the Bissell 2252’s brushes and tools can be stored directly on the vacuum body. If you opt for the Rewind model, you get the added bonus of an automatic power cord retraction system, so you won’t have to gather up the power cord manually.


The Bissell 2252 CleanView Swivel vacuum comes with various tools and brushes to handle different cleaning areas. In the package, you get a brushroll, crevice tool, upholstery tool, a soft brush, and an extension wand. All these are meant to ensure cleaning around your home is as thorough as possible, which is something you don’t get with most budget vacs.

The Bissell CleanView does a great job on bare floors; it clears majority of small debris like rice and bulkier material like cereal, but a small amount of material can be flung outwards by the brushroll’s rotation. As a result, you’re forced to clean up afterward; a brushroll off switch would help in correcting this issue.

Used on low-pile carpets, performance is great, especially when the surface setting is set to ‘I’, It clears away the majority of fine debris like baking soda, but for larger material like sand, you need two or three passes, though sometimes a small amount of material can get stuck within the hose. For high-pile carpets, it does a fantastic job but you’ll have to make a couple of extra passes to fully clear away larger debris like sand and fine material like baking soda.

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The Bissell 2252 CleanView is marketed as a vacuum cleaner for both hard floors and pet hair removal, unlike the Bissell Little Green which is designed for floors and carpets. That said, the vacuum does an exceptional job of cleaning pet hair on bare floors as well as low and high-pile carpets. However, the brushroll tends to collect a lot of hair, and cleaning it is a little of a hassle.

Should I buy the BISSELL 2252?

Buy it if …

You’re on a budget

At under $120 / £109.99, the Bissell 2252 CleanView Swivel is one of the most affordable upright vacuums we’ve reviewed, making it a great option for those on a budget.

You want lots of cleaning attachments

This vacuum ships with lots of attachments for various modes, a brushroll, and a Pet Turbo Eraser tool among other attachments for cleaning different surfaces and carpets.

You have mostly carpet

This vacuum does an excellent job on carpets, and its maneuverability is impressive, meaning you can clean hard-to-reach areas without struggling. As such, it’s suited for homes comprising mainly carpeted floors.

Don’t buy if…

You want a lightweight cordless vacuum

Weighing in at 12.5 pounds, the Bissell 2252 CleanView Swivel is heavy and bulky, and it doesn’t have the cordless features of the Shark IZ462H, but it still does a fine job as an upright vacuum.

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Bissell 2252 Review
Bissell 2252 Review
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