Dell S3423DWC Review

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When we reviewed the Dell S3422DWG back in 2023, it was one of the most affordable 34-inch gaming monitors around, with a 144Hz refresh rate and a WQHD resolution. With the Dell S3423DWC, the company is offering yet another exciting 34-inch curved monitor with a 100Hz refresh rate, USB-C connectivity, and a 21:9 aspect ratio. While the Dell S3422DWG is meant for gamers, the S3423DWC is designed for the business world and the entertainment sphere.

This ultrawide 34-inch panel will sit pretty in a home office or a family room, and if you run a few games when not working, it will not fail to impress. As always, there are better options if you’re strictly looking for a monitor for productivity or games, but the S3423DWC is a good choice for both; especially if you’re looking for something with a colorful image, superior contrast, and can deliver impressive performance on both scenes.

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Design and Build Quality

The Dell S3423DWC’s design is clean and simple. The display is surrounded by a black trim on the front and back, and sits on a silver stand, with the high-end materials that make up this monitor matching the premium monitor’s quality.

Due to the monitor’s 21:9 aspect ratio and 34-inch display size, you may find it to be a very wide monitor, which might require some adjustments on your desk. However, once it’s fitted in place, the width is very easy to get used to. Pixel density on this monitor comes to 109 pixels per inch (PPI), which is common among ultrawide monitors and more than enough for casual photo and video editing.  

The S3423DWC uses vertical alignment (VA) technology, known for its ability to render deeper black than IPS panels. VA panels often have a higher contrast ratio than IPS panels and that makes them popular among gamers as it boosts a player’s ability to distinguish enemies in dark scenes.

While Dell doesn’t sell this monitor as a gaming monitor – such monitors get Alienware branding or have gaming in their product names – it still offers superior contrast, AMD FreeSync support, 4ms response time, and 100Hz refresh rate that makes it all suitable for enthusiast-level gaming.

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As with ultrawide monitors, the Dell S3423DWC arrives with a smooth 1800R curve that offers a more immersive viewing experience than a similar-sized flat monitor. That’s a remarkable curve compared to the Samsung Odyssey G9 2gaming monitor with a super-tight 1000R curvature. Once again, ultrawide monitors don’t offer much in terms of ergonomics; the S3423DWC is mounted on a compact yet sturdy base which only offers 3.9 inches of height adjustment, and 5-to-21 degrees tilt. If you decide to wall-mount the monitor, there are holes at the back to fit a VESA bracket.

Connectivity on this monitor is much better than you’d find on other monitors in the same price range. There’s an upstream USB-C port that supports DisplayPort over USB Alternate mode as well as up to 65 watts of USB power; so it can power or charge a connected laptop. You’ll also find an upstream USB 3.2 Type-B port and two downstream USB 3.2 Type-A ports, one with the ability to supply up to 10 watts for charging an attached handheld device.

It also has a pair of HDMI ports in addition to the primary USB-C port that lets you connect the monitor to up to three input sources, switching between them via a single keyboard and mouse. Dell calls this configuration a virtual KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch.


All the features in the world don’t matter much in a monitor if image quality isn’t up to snuff. The Dell S3423DWC curved offers good image quality that’s beyond what you’re even paying for.

For a start, it’s a very large display at roughly 34 inches in a widescreen 21:9 format. Its resolution sounds high at 3440×1440, but it’s the same low 109 PPI as the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 with a 110 PPI and runs at 3440 x 1400. That’s less pixel-dense than 4K resolution would be in a panel that’s smaller diagonally. Still, widescreen displays can’t replace individual monitors for many people, which offer advantages not only in image clarity but also in flexibility and positioning.

According to Dell, the S3423DWC has a peak luminance of 300 nits; but it clocks 314 in tests. That’s bright enough for most office tasks, as well as photo and video work. Being a VA panel, this monitor has a contrast ratio rated at a good 3,000:1 and covers 99% of the sRGB color space.

As a productivity monitor, we find the S3423DWC as an ideal size, shape, and resolution for any use. Provided you have the space to accommodate this behemoth, the fine details are rewarding enough. The Windows desktop is generous and the curve almost makes it seem taller than a flat 32-inch screen.

As a result, work tasks are a pleasure with so much height available. You won’t have to scroll unnecessarily since you can fit an entire word processing page or spreadsheet on the screen while keeping the fonts at a readable size. You can sit about 3 feet away and still have no issue discerning the finest details in photos or moving images. As a bonus, the color is nice for all content, even though it isn’t strictly accurate.

In terms of specifications, this monitor easily stands out. Its refresh rate is locked at 100Hz, and its response time is 4ms; which is ideal for a productivity monitor, but less impressive for pro gamers. As a result, Dell S3423DWC makes for a good enough monitor if you’re not a competitive gamer, but it won’t keep up with the 1ms you can get from high-end gaming monitors like the Asus ROG Swift PG279QM and even faster refresh rates from OLED.

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Dell S3423DWC Review: Verdict

The Dell S3423DWC does a fine job as both a productivity and gaming monitor. But as noted earlier, there are better alternatives out there if your focus is either task.

Thanks to the 34-inch display, this Dell curved USB-C monitor makes it easy to have two or more windows up at once. That way, you can view a lot of information at a glance rather than needing to minimize or maximize programs.

The built-in KVM capabilities make it very possible to use the same keyboard and mouse between two connected computers. For instance, you can connect the monitor to a tower desktop and a gaming laptop. It also offers lots of useful ports, including USB-C that you rarely find at this price point.

That said, if you specifically want a gaming monitor to drive your Nvidia RTX 4080-powered rig, this might not be the monitor for you. It’s perfect for day-to-day work, school, or office use, but it doesn’t have all of the features you’d want for gaming. The response time is slower at 4ms, and the screen doesn’t support HDR. If you want a faster display with stronger color capabilities, consider the Samsung Odyssey G93SC OLED gaming monitor.

Overall, the Dell S3423DWC is an appealing monitor with a sturdy design, elegant look, and excellent picture quality; it serves as a perfect productivity display. The 34-inch curved panel is also excellent for multitasking between two or three programs at once, making it ideal for work or school use.

Dell S3423DWC Curved USB-C Monitor - 34-Inch WQHD (3440x1440) 100Hz 4Ms 21:9 Display, USB-C Connectivity, 2 x 5w Audio Output, 16.7 Million Colors, Height/Tilt Adjustable - Silver

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Dell S3423DWC Review
Dell S3423DWC Review
$289.00 $349.99
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