HC Collection Bed Sheets Set Review

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After that long tiring day one looks forward to perfect rest late in the day and that is entirely dependent on the kind of rest place that you have, that I mean your bed and the beddings. The comfort and softness together with other factors like durability, affordability are just but some of the considerations we must have before making a decision on either to buy or not. The HC Collection Bed Sheets Set comes with some of those specifications you are looking for.


  • They are made from Microfiber that are distinctive for their unique strength and thinness (twice as fine as silk).
  • Color Selections are made to match other HC Collection products: Duvet Covers, Pillowcases & Bed Skirts
  • Deep Pockets to fits mattresses to 16″; with fully elasticized fitted sheet: Queen Size 4pc Set – Flat Sheet 102″x90″, Fitted Sheet 80″x60″, 2 Pillowcases 20″x30″
  • Hypo-Allergenic, Repels Dust Mites, Environmentally Friendly
  • Made from 100% Double Brushed Microfiber fabric for optimal softness you can see and feel
  • Wrinkle and Fade Resistant; Hypoallergenic & Resistant to dust mites.
  • Easy to care for: Machine Washable, Tumble dry low.

With ultimate blend of craftsmanship and elegance, these linens are designed to offer you a unique and sophisticated sleeping experience.

These bedding products are made with the high quality fabric so you are guaranteed that it will last, Double Brushed fabric for optimal softness that you can see and feel, Vibrant Colors made exclusively not to fade with washings. The Microfiber used to make these beddings is made from synthetic fibers that feel and look like cotton sheets.

Microfibers are distinctive for their unique thinness and strength. These fibers are even thinner than most luxurious natural fibers such as silk. Woven tightly, it guarantees extra strength and durability. This fabric has desirable properties such as stain resistance, breathing ability, wrinkle resistance, luxurious appearance and easy cleaning. Microfiber products are also the best choices for allergy sufferers and can help you rest better. Allergens like dust mites and pollen cannot get in the densely weaved strands.

In addition, it considered environmentally friendly as opposed to cotton. Cotton takes a lot of water to grow and many pesticides are used to grow cotton that causes serious pollution. With such benefits, it is no wonder microfiber is most people’s favorite when it comes to bedding. We are not discrediting cotton beddings but only trying to paint a picture that microfiber can give you more than what cotton can.


  • Environmentally Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Resistant to Dust Mites
  • Easy care, Machine Washable on Cold; tumble dry low,
  • Double Brushed for Maximum Softness
  • Lightweight Durable fabric that lasts
  • Wrinkle & Fade Resistant
  • Deep Pocket fit larger mattress (up to 16″). They can easily fit the thicker mattress without being too tight or popping up from the corner, which most people cannot stand happening in the middle of the night.

One difference we noticed is that the elastic that goes around the bottom of the fitted sheet actually goes all the way around, not just on the head and foot of the sheet. This makes it much easier to keep the sheet securely fitted to the bed.


  • The pillow cases have a nice stitched decoration on the opening, but only on one side.
  • The back side of the pillow case at the opening isn’t even stitched closed as many could prefer it.
  • Also, the top of the top sheet only has a narrow top placket and it does not have the decorative stitching like the pillow case does which could have been a plus.
  • The sheets are extremely thin, to the where you feel you can see through them.
  • Sheets are listed as “Egyptian Quality” giving the impression that they are made of Egyptian cotton… they are not

Our opinion

Ultimately it comes down to personal choice. For sure be guaranteed of 100% satisfaction if you love thin and soft beddings or you prefer thin silky style sheets then probably you will be happy. The HC Collection Bed Sheets Set is a recommendable choice for anyone who wants a fitting, silky soft, light weight sheet set at an affordable price but not for those who love heavy cotton sheets.

HC Collection Bed Sheets Set, HOTEL LUXURY Platinum Collection 1800 Series Bedding Set, Deep Pockets, Wrinkle & Fade Resistant, Hypoallergenic Sheet & Pillow Case Set (Queen, White)

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HC Collection Bed Sheets Set Review
HC Collection Bed Sheets Set Review
$30.99 $46.99
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