Hoover Vacuum Cleaner (UH70120) Review

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To have a perfect vacuum cleaner that effectively sorts out the hardest of dirt is everyone’s dream, only that it never comes easy. The market is flooded with many brands, and all of them seem appealing. Narrowing to the right vacuum cleaner can be confusing. The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner (UH70120) comes with some bells and whistles for day to day use.

Product Highlights

  • Weighs 16.5 pounds – light and easy to use with thorough cleaning power
  • Exclusive Wind Tunnel technology lifts and removes surface debris and deep down embedded dirt
  • 5 Position Carpet Height Adjustment – adjust as needed to clean both carpet and hard floors
  • Cord Rewind with 25 Foot Cord
  • Includes an Extension Wand to extend the reach of the 8-foot hose, Crevice Tool and Air Powered Hand Tool as well as Upholstery/Dusting Brush for vents.
  • Intuitive Power Controls – conveniently positioned where they should be – right at your fingertips
  • 8′ Stretch Hose – above-floor cleaning with simple tools
  • System Check Indicator – indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned or checked

The main features on the Hoover UH70120 must be its sleek, light weight profile as well as great suction power provided by the WindTunnel technology.  The product comes pre-assembled.

Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology it lifts and removes surface debris and deep down embedded dirt to give your floors the ultimate clean. At less than 17 pounds, it is easy to move up and down stairs and the on board attachments allow for above floor cleaning like furniture and curtains.

Using the Hoover UH70120

Using this vacuum cleaner has been simplified thanks to the light weight profile, and upright profile. Choose High for thick carpeting or Low for hardwood floors or tile to adjust the brush roll for maximum dirt removal and this will lift and remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt. Gently tap the pedal to activate the 25 Foot Cord Rewind and retract the cord to store neatly inside after use.

This vacuum has a great filtration system. It uses both HEPA filtering and washable filters. The HEPA filter needs to be changed once every 2 years. It can’t be washed; it should only be tapped clean.

The rinsable primary filter is located at the top of the dirt cup, and can easily be reached and washed. However, you should make sure it is completely dry before usage. The producer recommends you to leave it outside for at least 24h.

This vacuum cleaner has a great usability accomplished by the congruence of several systems. The D-Shaped handle allows you to easily maneuver the device. You can move around it freely, thanks to an 8 inches stretch hose.

Using the foot activated pedal release, you can change the working angle, thus improving your comfort. You can adjust the height of the brush roll by choosing among 5 predefined values, for cleaning different surfaces, from bare floors to thick rugs.

What we liked

  • It has a powerful suction. Picks up so much hidden dirt in your thick carpet.
  • For how much power it has, it is actually very quiet – quieter than our old 10-amp vacuum.
  • Turns on a dime and gets into nooks and crannies really well – we don’t have to use the hand tools on every single wall edge.
  • The attachment with moving brushes cleans stares amazingly well.
  • No filters or bags to buy.
  • The cord is very long and it retracts into the vacuum. Wow. Most people find wrapping up long cords so annoying. Having this cord self-retract is actually kind of fun you can love it.
  • The color is trendy.
  • It is fairly lightweight- easy to carry up and down stairs.
  • You can adjust the height for different carpet lengths. We know that this isn’t a groundbreaking feature, but not all vacuums have it and it makes a big difference.

What we didn’t like

  • As much as it is comparatively lightweight, some people might find it a little heavy.
  • The chord winds up super forcefully, and can whip your leg.
  • The button to empty the canister is very easily pushed, and the canister has opened up and spilled onto the floor as you carry it to the garbage.

Our opinion

Finding the right vacuum cleaner is never easy, but the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner (UH70120) comes handy for home/office cleaning needs. It isn’t the most sophisticated vacuum cleaner around, but it gets the work don a price that is hard to ignore. In fact, we can classify this Hoover as your common middle range vacuum cleaner, good for normal regular cleaning tasks. Features such as its bagless canister, HEPA filtration and its cord rewind feature make it a recommendable option for various cleaning tasks.

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70120, Green

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner (UH70120) Review
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner (UH70120) Review
$130.99 $154.49
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