Keynice Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Car trips can create a lot of memorable experiences and It can as well create a lot of mess. The more time people spend in their cars, the dirtier it becomes. Dirt, grime, leaves and dust attached to your shoes and transferred to mats and floors. Pet hair, debris and crumbs build up on the seats and in floors of your car. Keynice Car Vacuum Cleaner comes much in handy to sort you for such kind of mess.

Good car vacuum cleaners provide an effective and easy way to get rid of the dirt and dust. This small vacuum cleaner is portable and lightweight. So you can clean the cracks and crannies of your vehicle with ease. Although not specifically for car cleaning but also for home quick pickups of dirt without having to pull your big vacuum cleaner.

Product Highlights

This Keynice Car Vacuum Cleaner  is top notch easy to clean It is special and just need plug into the power of the car to use. This White with Black & Decker 12v Autovac is powered through a 12V DC outlet (for example a car cigarette lighter) for easy cleaning of the vehicle. The 3 metre long cable allows for easy reach to all areas of the vehicle, including the boot depending in the length of your car.

Also included, the brush attachment is designed to clean awkward areas and tight spots, while the extra-long crevice tool helps access the areas between car seats for a deep down clean. The cyclonic action spins dirt away from the filter to maintain optimum suction power and the double action filtration aims to provide high performance for longer.

The power switch is located for ease of activating the unit. Because this Dustbuster runs from a 12v DC cigarette lighter power supply it does not charge and can have more than enough power to give the vehicle the desired clean from the 12v outlet. The 3 metre cable attached to the unit allows the user to fully clean many different types of vehicles. The onboard cable storage system is built right into the base of this Dustbuster and allows for simple and easy storage of the 3 meter cable.

What we liked about it

    • Small Compact and flexible
    • It has a super suction considering its size
    • Top notch easy to use for your cleaning
    • It runs quietly with no much noise

Our opinion

While this car vacuum seems small when you first open the box, it is huge in how much power it has when working considering it is powered by 12v. It is not as powerful as the big industrial vacuums at a car wash place but it does the job well. We can confirm that it runs quietly compared to other vacuums but it also picks up extremely well. The canister is small hence will need to be emptied a number of times before you finish your cleaning.

When fitting back your canister after emptying, it will seem as if the extension tube does not fit into the hole on the vacuum but it really does when you push it in. It is hard to push the first time until you get a feel for it but then know it is sealing and the tube helps a lot to get into those small grooves every car has.

The power cord fits into your car’s cigarette lighter and is long enough to reach all around the inside of my car. The cord is not long enough to reach the trunk of my car but you will be lucky to have those cars with a 12V outlet at the trunk.

This Keynice Car Vacuum is not as powerful as a household vacuum or an industrial kind but gets the job done while stored in your car and easily accessible whenever you need it.

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Keynice Car Vacuum Cleaner Review
Keynice Car Vacuum Cleaner Review
$12.99 $15.99
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