Logitech G604 Review

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Gaming mice have come a long way, and looking at the modern wireless models presents a clear distinction of how and why. Look at the Logitech G604 lightspeed wireless mouse, that does nothing to remind you of the traditional chock full of buttons and a long cable that would often limit your operating distance from the desk.

Now, you have a wireless peripheral with a textured palm rest, two types of connectivity and a single AA battery that offer a month of uptime.


The G604 design hasn’t changed much over its predecessor, the Logitech G602. It still bears the same right-handed ergonomic theme, with a protruding thumb rest and six small thumb buttons on the side. The only addition, maybe, is the new all-black profile with textured palm and thumb rests.

You also have two buttons next to the left-click for adjusting dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity up and down, and the scroll wheel clicks in three directions. Also, there are two buttons in the center that adjust scroll wheel tension and wireless connectivity.

Overall, the mouse is comfortable to hold and use, and we dare say, it’s a little friendlier for fast games as compared to most palm-grip mice. The thumb buttons are much friendlier than before, with easy-to-click protrusions as compared to the commonplace prisms. You can easily differentiate the buttons without looking, making it ideal for players in the midst of a counter-strike gaming session.

logitech g604 review


One interesting feature on the Logitech G604 is the fact that you can connect both via USB dongle and Bluetooth to your gaming PC. What’s more, you can switch between the two with a single button press.  All that means is that, you can connect the G604 to you gaming rig, then immediately switch over to a Bluetooth-enabled device, like a laptop or mobile device.

The mouse’s battery life lasts much longer via Bluetooth, so you can comfortably use it for gaming and productivity in case you want to maximize your charge. Above that, the mouse runs on Logitech’s G Hub software that remains to be a very robust service. It doesn’t have any RGB lighting, meaning the majority of options involve DPI settings (a maximum of 16,000) and programming buttons. The only complaint maybe would be G-Hub’s peculiar auto-switching profiles but not a deal breaker at all.



The Logitech G604 plays well across the board. You’ll be surprised by the six small thumb buttons, especially if you expected to find them too hard to differentiate from one another. You can play modern titles like Overwatch, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition and Final Fantasy XIV, without any lags, keeping in mind that the latter requires the most extra buttons.

On these titles, it’s possible to map the keys and pay closer attention to what is happening onscreen, without the need to run your hand up and down the keyboard while attempting to figure out the best time to use your skills. You really never have to use your left hand for more situational techniques, such as stuns and interrupts.

The mouse also works fine with other skills, especially real-time strategy games, that are often difficult to play using mechanical mice. The corollary here is you really don’t need all the extra buttons for most game genres, but if you do, you can look at the more streamlined Logitech G703.

Bottom Line

In less than five years, gaming mice have really changed, so as the entire gaming industry. The Logitech G604 mouse sits at the midpoint between sleek design and the available number of buttons. It initially costed slightly more than its predecessor, the Logitech G602 when it debited, but now you can get it quite cheaply. That said, the G604 sets out to give MMO players an all-important tool that won’t let them down, and surprisingly delivers well on its premise.

When it comes to MMO mice, I personally prefer the Razer Naga Trinity, especially for its swappable side panels and RGB lighting. The only caveat is that the model is wired, so you’ll have to decide how much wireless connectivity is worth to you. If it very worth, then Logitech G604 is a solid choice.

Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Logitech G604 Review
Logitech G604 Review
$69.89 $84.99
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