MoiChef Knife Set Block Review

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Cooking beautiful and delicious food is a result of a ray of factors, one of them being the kind of knife you use. The size of your cuttings and design will make one love or dislike your food. The MoiChef Knife Set Block are an easy solution for all that.

They have been a preferred option because they will not corrode in harsh environments are non-magnetic, do not conduct electricity at room temperature because of their resistance to strong acid and caustic substances, and their ability to retain a cutting edge longer than forged metal knives, these are better suited for slicing boneless meat, vegetables, fruit and bread These Professional Knives Make Cooking Easy as the knives are terrific and can make perfect gifts all year round

Description Summary

  • Ceramic cutlery is renowned for its razor sharp blades for precision cutting. Create beautiful, evenly cut fruits, vegetables and boneless meats every time.
  • Ultra sharp edges go years without sharpening – ceramic is only slightly less hard than diamond.
  • Ceramic does not corrode and resists bacteria. Healthier and more hygienic than steel. Non-reactive ceramic blade maintains original taste and color of food.
  • Color coded handles are lightweight and ergonomically designed, evenly balanced for easy use and comfort. Always know immediately which knife you are reaching for by handle color.
  • Ceramic knife set includes paring, fruit, utility and chef knives with blade covers.
  • Super Sharp Zirconium Ceramic Blades
  • Color Coded Handles
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Arched Handle to allow easy slicing/chopping of food

MoiChef 8 Piece Premium Ceramic Knife Set  effortlessly Cuts soft materials as if it was warm butter• Razor sharp for years•  The nonstick coating on each knife makes it easy slicing when you are preparing food in your home for your loved ones. Color coding reduces the risk of cross contamination during food preparation when you are preparing a variety of foods in your kitchen

What we liked about them

  • You do not interact with food like steel
  • Cleans up easily
  • Food and bacteria do not adhere to surface of the knife
  • Razor sharp for years, they are extremely sharp for cutting fruits and vegetables, dicing, mincing etc.
  • Will not corrode in harsh environments because Ceramic is 100% stainless, making it immune to acids and caustic substances this makes ceramic excellent for tasks such as cutting citrus fruits.
  • Keeps its edge longer when cutting softer materials

What we didn’t like about them

  • You can’t store these knives in a drawer  for they are fragile and might chip or crack
  • Look closely at the pictures of the knives and note that the knives, most especially the large red one, have bolsters that don’t protect your hand.

Our opinion

Indeed this is a very sharp knife, food bacteria don’t adhere to the surface of this knife and you can’t beat the stylish look of this knife such that many of your guests will compliment you on. You have all reasons to buy this set and they will be perfect for any kitchen and you will save a lot of money because you won’t be buying those high end sets that cost hundreds of dollars.

Although there are some limitations as you can’t store them on your drawers, the solution is to buy the companion MoiChef storage rack made for this set and no other knives. The knife set and the rack are only available as separate purchases and both are free shipping so the shipping and handling cost is built into both products. If they were offered together, I’d guess the combined cost would drop by five to ten dollars.

The knives, most especially the large red one, have bolsters that don’t protect your hand. A bolster is the part of the knife where blade and handle meet. The bolsters on most knives protect your hand from sliding onto the blade. Here, it is easy for your hand to slide forward and touch the back bottom corner of the knife

Conclusively, the Moichef 8 piece premium ceramic knife set is a great set for the starter chef who is willing to pay just a little more for a high quality set. As far as the best ceramic kitchen knives go, this set falls somewhere in the middle in terms of quality and price. With all the cares and handling procedures of ceramic knives in place, this is a great product which you should have.

Master Maison 19-Piece Premium Kitchen Knife Block Set - Wooden Block German Stainless Steel Cutlery With Knife Sharpener & 8 Steak Knives - Stainless Steel Knife Set (Silver)

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MoiChef Knife Set Block Review
MoiChef Knife Set Block Review
$13.43 $16.79
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