T-fal E765SC Cookware Set Review

As home cooks and busy chefs we will appreciate the high-quality components of this cookware collection and this makes you enjoy a reliable cooking performance with T-fal Ultimate hard-anodized nonstick cookware. With it is a Thermo-Spot heat indicator, which makes it foolproof to properly preheat the fry pans to enjoy the sizzling sound of food hitting the hot pan every time. The cookware’s hard anodized construction makes it lightweight, yet durable, while its warp resistant base with a stamped design distributes heat evenly throughout.

Prepare a wide variety of meals with a T-Fal 12-Piece Cookware Set. Constructed of sturdy and lightweight aluminum, this collection includes four pots with matching lids, two pans and two cooking utensils.

A unique feature of this Signature Hard Anodized Cookware Set is the Thermo-Spot heat indicator, which turns red when a pan is completely preheated. This means that you can instantly tell when it’s time to pour pancake batter, fry eggs or grill steak.

T-fal E765SC

Description Summary

  • Aluminum construction
  • Non-stick coating
  • Lids are made of glass and each has a small hole to allow steam to escape
  • Lids can be used on multiple pans
  • T-Fal Thermo-Spot heat indicator which changes appearance when the pan reaches proper cooking temperature
  • Aluminum cookware set is dishwasher-safe

The riveted handles of this aluminum cookware set are ergonomically designed to offer maximum support and comfort. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the pots and pans feature a non-stick coating, while the lids are constructed of tempered glass. This T-Fal 12-Piece Cookware Set’s wide range of sizes and styles allows you to easily put together an entire meal

T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Non-stick 12-piece black cookware set provides the pieces essential for day to day cooking. Thermo-Spot heat indicator shows when T-fal pan is perfectly preheated to seal in the flavor of your food.

The hard anodized exterior is fast and easy to clean and you will be guaranteed that it will last long enough. The handles offers a comfortable grip and oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. These pieces are compatible with all cooktops except induction.

The 12-piece set includes

  • 8-inch and 10.25-inch fry pans
  • 6-quart covered Dutch oven
  • 1-quart, 2.3-quart, and 3.2-quart covered sauce pans
  • nylon solid spoon
  • slotted spatula for stirring or serving

Thermo-Spot Heat indicator

The T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized 12-piece set features Thermo-Spot technology. This unique heat indicator that shows when your pan is perfectly preheated and is ready for use. Adding food to a properly preheated pan seals in the natural juices of meat, poultry and fish for moist, delicious results because it seals the flavors for your food.

Non-stick Cookware

This cookware is designed to distribute heat quickly and evenly, preventing hot spots and sticking. Preheat your cooktop on low to moderate heat. For you to get the best results there are important things you need to note: Adding fats is not necessary unless you want to improve on the flavor of your food, the use of aerosol cooking spray is not recommended to this cookware, it is recommended you adopt a low to moderate heat so as to have full life span of the nonstick coating and it is safe to use with nylon or wood utensils.

What we liked about it

  • Its innovative Thermo-Spot heat indicator lets you know when the pans are properly pre-heated
  • When the pattern in the center turns to a solid red spot, the pan is hot and ready to cook
  • The cookware’s hard-anodized aluminum construction heats quickly
  • Hard Titanium nonstick interior for the ultimate and longest lasting performance

Our opinion

Use the cookware on any cook top, except for induction. The T-fal E765SC cookware’s durable enough to last for many years and it having a nonstick interior this offers a health conscious option, effortless food release with little to no fat or oil needed to have that healthy meal and this is an easy set to clean.

The T-fal Ultimate 10-inch saute pan features tall sides and a wide base that make it useful for a wide range of cooking techniques, from browning and frying to sautéing vegetables or searing fish. Even more, the pan’s vented tempered-glass lid traps in heat and moisture, while its silicone stay-cool handles come riveted for strength and offer a secure and comfortable hold. It is Oven safe up to 400 degrees F (lid up to 350 degrees F) and dishwasher-safe.

T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set 17 Piece Pots and Pans, Dishwasher Safe Black

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T-fal E765SC Cookware Set Review
T-fal E765SC Cookware Set Review
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